Non-Vérité Authentique

Artist statement

Non-vérité authentique (Untruthful authenticity) is a site-specific sound installation I made during my artist-in-residence at tadlachance from 3 - 9 June 2018, within the framework of tadlachance’s “étapes nomades”, as a solo exhibition organised by tadlachance in Cuges-les-Pins, France.

In this project, I installed a sound installation in a small chapel named Chapelle des Pénitents, of which many people believe that the marriage of the sister of Napoleon was held here. However indeed, it was held in another place of the village instead.

This rumour aroused me of arguing what we believe could be untruthful. So, what is the notion of belief? Is there any authenticity, or as if we create it on our own?

Wai Kit Lam

Cuges-les-Pins, France