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Lose it, Find it… Sorted?

Artist Statement

Lose it, Find it... Sorted? is a response to the community photo exhibition Feel it, Show it, Sorted, by Gathering Leaves Hong Kong in London. It depicted the collective idea of the transformation of new lives or the longing for home among the Hongkongese who relocated to the United Kingdom.

In Lose it, Find it... Sorted? I explored the paradox where our failures in one aspect of life can unexpectedly lead to successes in another. It raises the fundamental question of whether these seemingly disparate experiences will eventually resolve.

No matter the ultimate conclusion, this paradox leaves a profound and lasting impact on our approach towards personal growth and decision-making. Still, the awareness of the contraction is crucial because it empowers us to confront the uncertainties ahead.

Wai Kit Lam

London, United Kingdom


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