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The Last Fortress

Artist Statement

The Last Fortress (Последната крепост), comprising two porcelain plates and a written notebook, emerged from my experience at the Water Tower Art Residency #7 in Lom, Bulgaria, 10th – 20th July 2023.


Lom, located in North-Western Bulgaria, is one of Europe's most economically disadvantaged areas. With approximately 40 – 50% of its population being Roma. The town has also endured prolonged economic stagnation, leading many residents to seek employment abroad.


Inspired by the tragic circumstances faced by the people of this town, I embarked on a journey to explore the essence of life itself. I pondered the profound question of what one would prioritise if limited to only the most fundamental survival aspects.


Thus, I decided to engage the community by asking them a poignant question: "If you were forced to leave your home forever, what would you bring?" This open-ended query was intended to encourage deep introspection and personal reflection.


As the responses poured in, the vulnerability of the people became apparent. Their answers revealed the core of their beings, becoming their symbolic last fortress – the final refuge they believed could heal and protect them from the tragic world they confronted. 


Through delicate porcelain plates and heartfelt written reflections in The Last Fortress, it serves as a powerful testament to the strength of the human soul and the enduring pursuit of hope in even the most challenging circumstances.


Wai Kit Lam

Lom, Bulgaria


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