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Artist Statement

Jamais is a set of nine porcelain plates I did for the "20 years of tadlachance". tadlachance is an art organisation based in Cuges-les-Pins, France.


On 11 June 2022, tadlachance invited the people of Cuges-les-Pins to join the "20 years of tadlachance". They went on a path and discovered the stealthy and subtle artworks that the organisation hid in different locations in the village. Once the visitors found the artworks, they could take them as a pledge.


The idea of my participating art piece Jamais (never in French) came from a conversation with a friend. I told my friend that I would never do something else anymore in my life. Then my friend said, "Never say never". Since then, I started to become interested in when, why and how we say never.


I then selected nine proverbs and quotes with the word jamais and stamped them on the porcelain plates. These noteworthy utterances illustrate the fragments of our lives like memories, wishes, desires, fears etc. 


When the visitors encountered these fragments along the art walk, I attempted to recall the consequential circumstances as if they might have happened on the path of the visitors' lives.

Wai Kit Lam

Hong Kong


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