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Which Things Were (Are) Allowed And Which Were (Are) Not – Version 2022 

Wai Kit Lam, Which Things Were (Are) Allowed And Which Were (Are) Not – Version 2022, 2022, digital print & b/w laser print, 16 pages, 297 x 210 mm each. Courtesy of the artist.


Installation view of Which Things Were (Are) Allowed And Which Were (Are) Not – Version 2022, in The Wall – Reunion or Divide at SomoS Art Space, Berlin, Germany, 29 July – 6 Aug 2022. Photo credit: Carol Pui Ha Chow.

Image 1

“VAPORE" endeavoured to save the life of that mannequin. She didn't admit it was just a mannequin.

Image 2

“VAPORE" finished the whole dish anxiously as if that was her last meal.

Image 3

“Leave me alone!!", "VAPORE" said despairingly. "VAPORE" couldn't get rid of her shadow wherever she went.

Image 4

“VAPORE" struggled to escape those chaotic streets even though she didn't know the way out and where the definitive destination would be.

Image 5

“You are my alien, an alien in a strange city.”, "VAPORE" talked to her reflection in anguish.

Image 6

“VAPORE" was counting how much she lost. She wondered if they would be gone forever.

Image 7

The coldness pushed "VAPORE" to follow the warmth from the sunset. She was heading to the west.

Image 8

“VAPORE" once mistakenly believed that no one could recognise or block her on the street if she wore a pair of sunglasses.

Image 9

“VAPORE" left in a hurry. No one knew if she would come back or not.

Image 10

“Where are the people?!" "VAPORE" looked out the window and was shocked that the busy street had turned into an empty one.

Image 11

The darkness had just arrived. But "VAPORE" recognised that was the path to the west.

Image 12

“VAPORE" was confused as the antique shop's shopkeeper convinced her that the ceramic piece would never break.

Image 13

“VAPORE" held her travel ticket nervously. She feared if it was still valid or could carry her to the destination.

Image 14

“VAPORE" ignored the disapproval from her companion; she bought what she cherished.

Image 15

“No! You can never stop me from abandoning the mistaken matters!" "VAPORE" said firmly.

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