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A Tale of an Unidentified Trip

Artist Statement

A Tale of an Unidentified Trip is a series of work that I did for the 32nd Process – Space Art Festival in Balchik, Bulgaria, in 2021.


In the past, when I participated in the art festivals physically, my works were a consequence of my experience where I encountered face to face. However, the pandemic of COVID 2019 restricted our travel. As a result, I could only comprehend Balchik via the images provided by the organisation or via the Internet.


I noticed that I could not indeed perceive Balchik precisely solo through visual elements. Therefore, I started questioning the perception and presumption of a place that I have neither experienced nor encountered. Consequently, I must adopt a different strategy entirely to execute my artwork in presuming a place.


Thus, I borrowed and transformed the images from the videos clips the organisation uploaded. Eventually, I transcended these images into a tale of an unidentified trip, as if it is in Balchik or anywhere I have never been.


In the end, this tale is an outcome of my imagination, expectation and projection. As well as a journey of introspection through an imaginative adventure.

Wai Kit Lam

Hong Kong


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