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The Years 1997 – 2002 /
Lam Wai Kit & Yu May Ming


The starting point of making this book, The Years 1997 – 2002 / Lam Wai Kit & Yu May Ming, is absolutely a coincidence. One day, accidentally, we found that we had taken a similar photograph separately almost at the same time and at the same place. These two photographs were taken during our enchanting trip to Paris in 2002 nearly 20 years ago. Perhaps it is not surprising that the two photos are alike as we were happening at the same spot and same moment. What surprised us is that we had never seen the images of the other after these years.

We were curious and excited about what we had taken during our trips. We started to unearth if there are more akin photos to be discovered. It is no doubt that the scenes and the people in those old photos show us the changes in the past years. But concurrently we noticed that the practices on taking photo have been changed too. For instance, we might change from cautious to impromptu. And nowadays we share our images wildly rather than keeping them in our own drawers.

The coincidence of discovering our old photos not only brought our memory back. It also taught us profoundly that our values continuously evolve and develop under the footprints of time.

Lam Wai Kit & Yu May Ming

Hong Kong

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