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La Existencia de Una Extraña

Artist Statement

La Existencia de Una Extraña (The Existence of A Stranger) is a piece of work that I had done for my artist-in-residence at Vilarcangel, València, España in July 2019.


During my stay, I wrote down my feeling about this old villa in the format of words. And then I asked Kiko Cortes Gonzalez, of whom who lives in this vila, to interpret those words. He was free to interpret and perform his sentiment and emotion in his voice in any way.


In the end, I composed his voices into a piece of work. This work is not merely about my emotion and tactile sense, but also the interpretation and the understanding through Kiko's sensibility.


Moreover, the execution by Kiko is out of my control, unexpected and stunning. Kiko's interpretation brought me to a new horizon of awareness of my existence in this vila through the interaction between individuals. And indeed, this is the essence of this work because this external force motivated me to rethink and redefine my perception, which I might miss or overlook easily.

Wai Kit Lam

Vilarcangel, València, España



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