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Hacia la Inexperiencia

Artist Statement

Hacia la Inexperiencia (Towards Inexperience), is a series of works that I did for “Versus”, an exhibition made for the cycle of conferences that was held by Àrea de Cultura i Educació of the Town Hall of Inca in the past two years, of which I was one of the visual artists that response to the literary theme. It was held at Sa Quartera Centre d’Art, Inca, Mallorca, Spain. On the other hand, “Versus” was also one of the programmes of Incart XII Edició 2018.

This series of works is a response to the article “El futur. Poesia de la inexperiència” by Jaume Munar Ribot. The article argues about the essence of poetry that should not be solely from experience that we have encountered; instead, it is the possibility arises from the uncertainty of what has not yet been experienced, as well as unknown too.

I, therefore, employed six photographs with a foggy scene as a metaphor of uncertainty and inexperience that we would face and confront. Indeed, this does not only apply to poetry, but it may also be relevant to any creativity, or even in life.

Wai Kit Lam

Inca, España

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