Happy Encounter
– A Project of Marcos Vidal Font & Wai Kit Lam

Artist statement

We met at a fireplace, in a lost farm two years ago, it was a happy encounter. Moreover, this time at Happy Valley our gathering would also be a meeting point of happiness and collaboration. In this area there are some spots to renovate, there are always some spots to remove and renovate. Remove, renovate, clean, build up. Come on this is Hong Kong, it is a growing city following a golden goal.

Since I was a child, I loved to find objects, to play and to mix with, turned them into new things. Cut and paste, and I gave them life to jump around. However, how come video and photo could cut and paste better than my hands, that is the point. Owing to this, in this artist-in-residence project, Wai Kit Lam and I started the collaboration flow in both ways, and we also tried to find any new possibility. This was not only limited to teamwork, but it was also a new challenge for Wai Kit, she must confront some objects in her close reality, and found a personal way to film, shoot and fit those in her personal universe.

Residence influence, casual encounters, or maybe not. Our personal belongings are messing up. We find some treasures at the happy valley — a visual reward in a common yard.



Artist statement on "Waiting... Despairing..."

This video is about how to become calmer, more relaxed, to find inside peace. The art world's goals and daily life take our mind out of itself from what is really important from the essence of things. Market and competition are precisely the opposite that the artist needs to create and to grow. The character tries to get close to nature, to the sea. He tries to rediscover the lost calm.

Marcos Vidal Font

Happy Valley, Hong Kong