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Shadowmask – A Project of Marcos Vidal Font & Wai Kit Lam

Artist Statement

When I was studying art, I was living in València. This city has one of the most significant medieval parts in Europe. During the time I was living there, many buildings had to be renovated. A company tired/tore all the content of a house in a big metal container. In those containers, you could find a kind of chaos capsule of time, furniture, photos, lamps, books, and personal belongings. All objects from a family or an old couple there looking at me, telling me the story of their lives. I remember since I bought books from other people in the second-hand store, some of them with personal notes always made me a question about the owners. Who they were and what was represented in their lives.

Like a snail, we leave traces, a part of ourselves on the way unconsciously. Why are we storing those traces? Does it make sense? Why did our grandfather collect all those tools and rubbish? Why did our grandmother keep all those photos and personal things in every drawer? Is it memory or uncured melancholy? Are humans ill of memories, or do those things shape our identity?

My shadow scratches the walls of my house. You can feel the sadness in a room, somehow the pain and the pleasure splash in the places, and our traces are there too. Some artists want to leave a trace, tell something about themselves, something personal. About someone who left, left marks, signs, the rest of the wreck. This exhibition shows two versions of traces from the same mess. The messy world in which we are living.

Marcos Vidal Font

Palma de Mallorca, España

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