The Invisible Border

Artist statement

This is a project of which I had done during the “Process-Space Art Festival 2016” in Ruse, Bulgaria, in June 2016.

The concept is based on my curiosity about the notion of the border. I was told that there is a border in the middle of the River Danube, of which it separates Bulgaria and Romania. I would like to see how the border should be.

On 2 June 2016, I tried to pass through River Danube and go to a town of Romania named Giurgiu, of which it is opposite to Ruse on the other side of the river. But since the transportation between Ruse and Giurgiu is not convenient at all, eventually I rode on a private hire car. I paid 50 lev to go through the Danube Bridge that is one of the only two bridges that connects Bulgaria and Romania.

All on the way through the Danube Bridge, I tried to find the border, but I could not see and find it even though I was told that it exists. The invisible border does not only limit our physical activities, but it also restricts our mental thought that we may not be aware of.

Wai Kit Lam

Ruse, Bulgaria


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