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Awakening Memory

Artist Statement

Awakening Memory is a project that I did for the international art festival “Water Tower Art Fest 2015: Towns in Need of Love” in Sofia, Bulgaria in June 2015. The work includes two parts, a notebook and a video.

The first part, the notebook, is made up of 70 marks by rubbing graphite onto paper. These marks came from the objects that I found around the Sofia tram stops. Then they are accomplished by the name of the stops respectively at their sides.

The second part is a video; a local Bulgarian turned the pages of the notebook and spoke out the name of the tram stops one by one and page by page.

I would like to ask the audiences, especially those who live in Sofia, to carefully look around to those subtle and obscure things around them of which they may forget, ignore or even deny. Indeed, the concern of the indefinite articles around the tram stops is only a starting point. There are still lots of unexpected items for us to explore in our familiar but also unknown city.

Wai Kit Lam
Sofia, Bulgaria

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