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Distance Travelled

Artist Statement

Distance Travelled is a project that I had done during my artist-in-residence at Centre d'Art i Creació de Ses Voltes, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, in March 2015. 

This series of work is a documentary of my walk between Binissalem train station and the bus stop of this village. Somebody told me that this walk should be around 10 minutes, I followed the one-way road for cars and eventually I had used more than an hour to arrive at the bus stop. I was bewildered and had lots of doubt during the walk.

Through this series of work, I would like to question our perception of distance. It could be physical and mental; as well as subjective and objective. Indeed, the interpretation of distance is highly associated with our experience and expectation. Therefore, different people would have diverse notions of distance.

Wai Kit Lam
Binissalem, Mallorca, España

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