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Passage of Time

Artist Statement

From November to December 2012, I was having an 'artist-in-residence' at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV), Trondheim, Norway. Since I arrived Trondheim, I started to aware of the notion of time when I saw the large written opening and closing time at the entrance of the supermarkets. I was inquisitive about the reason why they are written in that way. I wondered if it was due to the very long or very short daylight in Norway, does it mean that Norwegian are very concern about timing?

My curiosity continued as the daytime became shorter and shorter day by day. I tried to catch the sunlight (if there was any) and put more attention on the notion of time. I also tried to understand how my awareness of time affected me and how I interpreted the notion of time if it is a precious matter for me. I would have missed out before I arrived Trondheim.

Wai Kit Lam

Trondheim, Norway

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