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Artist Statement

This series of works included four sets of stereoscopic photographs and their corresponding sounds. All of the sounds are recorded in the underground of Berlin. These are the places where I captured the fragments of our daily life.

The concept came from the idea of the fundamental methodology of art-making. We adopt minor, and obscure phenomenal elements in our lives then explore and transcend them into something inspiriting or sophisticated. And for me, collecting fragmental sounds is similar to drawing sketch. This is a way to imprint the observation of my surroundings rather than only experience the phenomenon.

I do believe the essence of the obscure phenomenon should be as great as its significance behind. Meanwhile, I would like to reconstruct some essential sound elements and give them unique meanings. Our sensual experiences may not be as same as visual & audio appearance. And I attempt to criticise what we see and hear would not be what they really are. Some times we are blinded by the surface of our perception, only believe the appearance that is somehow superficial indeed.

And drawing sketch, recording fragments of daily sounds and scenes help me to be more conscious about my surrounding, and also my own existence. A piece of drawing is not only preparation of my final artwork, but also an important step to move to a further stage of self-investigation and self-reflection.

Wai Kit Lam

Berlin, Germany

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