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Artist Statement

In this series of videos and photographs, I would like to investigate our ambiguous situations of which we are living, and of which we construct our identities under uncertainties.

We are living in a world full of unknowns; the broken up experiences are already parts of our lives. They are not merely the reflections of the facts of our existences. And all these disturbances are also evidence of how we construct our society and ideology. Our existences are coexisting and cannot be separated from the surrounding circumstances. The cause and consequences of the construction of our identities are no doubt that they can never be separated from our society.

I also question as if our imagination is only an illusion from our own. The boundary between reality and fiction simply coexisted indeed. It is because the foundation of our imagination is no doubt a recall of our emotions like fear, desire, hope or fantasy etc. from the existed reality. All of these enhance us to rethink and examine the notion of our existences in the world of chaos.


Wai Kit Lam


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