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Where Is The "See"?

Artist Statement

“I arrived and I left; I found and I lost.”

My research topic included the construction of identity and the interrelationship between individuals and the surrounding circumstances. From representation and notion of identification, I also studied roles and influences of ideology where we construct our own selves. During my first month of 'artist-in-residence' in Berlin, I did a new series of works that are based on the map of Berlin’s transportation. This is a way for me to search for my identity in a foreign city. And they have associated my existence into an unknown world.

Where is the “See”? is a video that is based on my curiosity of German language. In German, ‘see’ means ‘lake’ or ‘sea’, depends on the article used. And from my own understanding from the name of ‘Nordsee’, it means ‘North Sea’. So, I got confused and tried to find out the ‘see’ in Berlin. Eventually, I went to Wannsee, a big lake in the southwest of Berlin, then I found out what means ‘see’ in German.

Wai Kit Lam

Berlin, Germany

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