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Forgotten Land

Artist Statement

This three-channel video installation combines images, sounds and texts. It includes different kinds of languages; no matter whether they are soliloquies or dialogues, they interlocked or overlapped mutually. They echo each other as if they don’t have any relationship. Under the intricate combination between the sounds and the images, gradually the varieties of the sounds disturb our attention. The meaning of the sounds became obscure, we even cannot trust our understanding of the meaning of the images in front of us. Once the language is separated from its usual references, there are more possibilities on the cognition of its own signification.

Moreover, all of these elements bring the audiences into a horizon of unknowing and uncertainty. These unstable feelings might be hidden inside the mind of anyone.

All of these are inspirited by the experience of living in a foreign country. Whenever I heard the language which I couldn’t understand, I realised the confusion was not only coming from the complication of the language itself. Meanwhile, I start to rethink the importance of language as a medium of communication. The recognition of our identities is not only depending on the varieties of races, nationalities, or colours of skin. Furthermore, the use of the same language is also an important reason for identification.


Wai Kit Lam

Ferrara, Italia

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