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Divided Minds VI

Introduction by Veronica Liotti

The works displayed, belonging to the series The divided minds (2006-2008), are photographic diptychs composed of two images taken in different moments and places, often very distant from each other. The new reality they describe, having lost any possible reference to time or space, is released from the autobiographical contingency and allows everyone to give his/her own personal interpretation about its meaning.

Recurrent elements of this works are doors, windows, mirroring surfaces, open landscapes and by contrast indoor rooms. Simple and direct symbols that refer to ourselves - the inside - and to our relationship with the world - the outside - and with our own selves by means of our reflected image.

Veronica Liotti


Review by Veronica Liotti:

Wai Kit Lam, "The Divided Minds"

Group Show

Who's That Girl?

19 January 2008 – 14 February 2008
Kina Art Cafe, Marino, Roma

Curator: Mariacristina Ferraioli, Veronica Liotti and Stefania Meazza

Organiser: 317 associazione per l'arte contemporanea

Press release

NY Arts Magazine: September October 2007:
China Today: Divided Minds

Review by Stanley Ng Wai Cheong:

Look at 'Her'... and You See 'Them'

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