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Divided Minds V

Artist Statement

I started my interest in the investigation of identification since 1999; henceforth I discover more especially on the notion of representation. These included the choices of roles, the ways of the presentation under the contemporary circumstances; and also how ideology affects us under the notion of identification.

I do believe representation is different from the genuine self. In fact, there is no genuine self because it is constructed by the ideologies. The so-called genuine self is a construction of what we expect and will be different under diverse circumstances. The representations can be figurative or abstract; the internal spirit and the external aspect may not be the same. So, what is genuine or what is false? It is impossible to tell from the aspect of a single photograph.

My exhibits have not had a definite time and space. Divided Minds is a linkage of unrelated physical and mental states; they are comprehensive but however, they are in-between their two selves. I question as if a single way of thinking can ever be our understanding of genuine or false.

Wai Kit Lam

Hong Kong


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