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Something About...

Artist Statement

I continue to investigate the subtle relationship between ourselves and our surroundings through my new video works, “Three Obscure Incidents” and “Something About...”. In these two videos, I filmed the inconsequential elements; and attempt to transcend them into new expressions of desire, fear, love, anger and memory etc.

There is no particular way to express ourselves, no matter whether they are intensive or gentle. They are the expressions and communication with the others; they also represent our feeling of the surroundings. We start to use these methods since we are children and still continue to use them in our adulthood. On the other hand, using art as a medium of expression has been used for a long time yet. Artists use colours, compositions, lines etc. to embody their profound perceptions and then transcend the ordinary things into new representation. On the contrary, the audiences receive messages from the artworks. And transform them into their own perception along with their knowledge and experiences.

Making art is certainly not the only way of expression, because expressing our feelings like anger, desire, fear etc. are the basic instincts. Sometimes, the obscure incidents touch our heart deeply more than the masterpieces, because we may have experienced them before.

Then, how about making artworks? Can artworks do the same way like obscure incidents? If obscure incidents touch us so deeply, does it mean that we don’t need to make artworks anymore? Certainly, it is not valid. In my new video works, I rearrange some obscure incidents into new sequences, transcend them into new meanings and finally give them unique aspects of representation. These basic desires may not only be the expressions to the others; they are the needs for our soul, which are out of our physical needs instead. They may also be some kinds of intensive indulgences or excesses besides our basic needs.

Wai Kit Lam,

Hong Kong


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