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The Secret Gardens

Artist Statement

'Construction', 'Destruction' and 'Reconstruction' are the notions stated in my coming exhibition: 'The Secret Gardens', one of the 2000 Hong Kong Fringe 'Star Alliance City Festival' Programme.

In 'The Secret Gardens', square-sized b/w portrait photograph is fully occupied by a portion of faces, they are isolated by the boundaries of the photos. Meanwhile, without knowledge of the hairstyle, clothes or surroundings, we can only guess the identity by some characteristic facial features of the individuals.

There is a coloured silicone plate on the right-hand side of each portrait. It is made by several layers of silicone rubber of different colours. The size of it is exactly the same as the b/w photo. One will not have the whole picture of the ‘silicone cake’ without looking at its side. Here, I would like to suggest audiences to use different ways in looking at her works, and the whole world as well.

The works of this exhibition bring b/w portraits with their contrasting colourful plates nearby, producing a contradicting, yet unifying, content, presentations and the materials. 'Construction' involves the sum of these acts of construction, interpretation and explanation of these forms, through which we can see the interpretations of our world and ourselves.

Two series of b/w photographs alongside with some colourful 'silicone cakes' are used in exploring the interpretation of the ideas of 'Construction'. These ideas are going to be explored further in my coming-up exhibitions as well. The next solo exhibition, 'Frozen Words', going to be held at The Gallery, Art Forest, Toronto, Canada in March 2000 is the next part of the series.

Wai Kit Lam

Hong Kong


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