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In Search of Meaning

Artist Statement

In Search of Meaning is a response to the tumultuous post-pandemic era, when the world was full of uncertainties and unmerciful conflicts.


Throughout March 2024, I engaged in meditative practice, repeatedly inscribing the word "meaning" onto a piece of paper. Upon completing each layer, I erased it and rewrote it over repeatedly. 


Each iteration was impacted and reevaluated in light of the ideas and aesthetics of the previous ones. While certain marks endured indefinitely, new layers would eliminate and replace others. Over time, I embarked on a cycle of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of my comprehension of "meaning" as if such understanding were attainable.


Despite the repetition of a solitary word, each layer could never be identical, similar to the perpetually evolving and subjective nature of the concept of meaning itself.


Wai Kit Lam

London, United Kingdom


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