With and Without in a “Wonderful World”

 Artist statement

Food Photography is one of the most popular images on social media nowadays. It is so eye-catching, and it draws curiosity to the audiences, especially if the food looks tasty.


The reasons for shooting our meal could be a record of our daily experience. Besides that, the desire to acquire attention and recognition from others may also be a strong motivation behind the shooting.


On the other hand, what if we show an empty plate of after a meal on social media. Presumably, an empty plate may excite a question of what we have eaten. However, would the audiences expect, react and respond resembling our expectation? What is our supposition? Last but not least, is a resemblance a necessity? 


Indeed, exhibiting our meal either in a full plate or in an empty plate may lead us to a false reality. I wonder as if we are dwelling in a “wonderful world” that is admittedly constructed by overwhelming images on social media merely.

Wai Kit Lam

Hong Kong