Korona Update Archival Project
- Patricio Álvarez Aragón & Wai Kit Lam
(Project in progress)

SCurator statement

The Korona Update project is an Archival Project that pretends to document the knot of the pandemic during this transition time of the “new normality” through a critical and constructive perspective in the contexts of Hong Kong, China  and Dublin, Ireland.

Kit & myself found it very interesting to collaborate on a project that could portray the human experience and the cultural diversity of its contexts, especially now that we live in a period of history that seems confusing but at the same time crucial for the future.

That is why we have titled this project "Korona Update" Archival Project to refer to this transition and period in which we are living and, from which as individuals and society, in uncertainty, we return to philosophising to ask ourselves… What does it mean to live in the “new normal”? If the "new normal" is identified as a synonym of "crisis", a social anomaly, where economic recession and the challenges of living with a pandemic become commonplace...  What should we do? What does it all mean? Is it the end of democracy and freedom as we know it? How to survive in this "new normal"?


With the lockdown, the compulsory quarantine and the different kinds of restrictions imposed, one realises that the old and new generations are changing, are changing their habits and it becomes interesting to see and portray how "new kinds of needs, relationships and statements" emerge in the face of this chaos. We also see how some societies are lagging behind and others are  progressing. We  found it interesting to analyse how China (with a similar previous experience, that of the SARS virus between 2002-2004) learned and adopted hygiene practices that were not applied in Europe, but now are. We live in a historical moment between retrotopia (liquid race), far from any heterotopia, and reality, the state of things, in which it is not only worth trying to survive, get vaccinated and continue where we left off, but also a moment of deep reflection.


This is the core of this project, to explore, produce and document the reflections that emerge from our contexts (adaptation process) and what it means to live with Covid-19 in this "new normal".


About the aim of the project is to create a visual & virtual diary/gallery (website based) that will act as a showcase and connector between the experiences and contexts of Hong Kong (Asia, China) and Dublin (Europe, Ireland) . There are several keys/components that would be explored during this archival experiment / process as the creation of new native/artistic content through: short video-performances, photographies, paintings, drawings, critical writings, new media art production, and so on… to storytelling via several artistic languages all the limitations of what means to us as individuals and the society we share everyday (as artists and creators) to live and deal with the Covid-19 virus. The archival work will follow an anthropology field-work investigation line which will describe our contexts (Dublin and Hong Kong areas), neighbourhoods and daily life. Living with Covid also means to live with different systems, in a cultural variety, rules, different kinds of restrictions and above all the new concept of the new normality”.

Project Curator

Patricio Álvarez Aragón

Dublin, Ireland