Solo show:
Unknown - works by Wai Kit Lam, Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV

16 June – 26 July 2009
Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive

7 – 23 August 2009
Tse Wan Shan Shopping Centre, Hong Kong

Preface by Art Promotion Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong

Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme IV

Art Promotion Office

Acknowledgement: Connie Ng Sau Wah, Cheung Hiu Fung, Bernice Lau, Leica Camera & Schmidt Marketing, Vision Plus Co. Ltd (graphic design) & Osage Gallery (technical support)


Wai Kit Lam 2009
a photographic book sponsored by
Leica Camera & Schmidt Marketing.
Released at the opening of 'Unknown - works by Wai Kit Lam'.









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